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Grand finals for the local schools in an time that always bring an increased awareness of the importance of sport in American schools. Many parents, teachers and local residents also like to participate in the team spirit of the grand finals. Students usually wear PE uniforms to school team events and when all the students are wearing the same uniform, in the school colors and featuring the school logo, the school is proudly represented. Other people in the community at school grand final events can easily recognize which school a student comes from. Parents and teachers also often want to wear the school colors and spirit wear and for that reason we have sweat pants, jackets and Tees in adult sizes and in various school colors. Logos can be placed on most items of clothing, either the school logo or a team mascot.

If your school does not already have a PE uniform in using your school colors, you should consider ordering some from Coastal Enterprises. You can place a short advertisement in your school newsletter, so that students and parents are aware that they are available for sale from the school. Once a few students start to wear a PE uniform, there will be more and more students buying PE uniforms. In no time this will become the standard for your school and you will need to start buying in bulk.