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Physical education is an important activity for schools which all students must participate in. When the students are all dressed in school colors for PE this gives your school a smart and professional image that all the local residents will notice. PE uniforms have become something of a fashion statement with students and they are proud to wear the school logo and colors. The girls prefer the v neck or button up shirts while the boys usually prefer the round neck shirts, ordering a mixture of styles will ensure that all tastes are catered for.

The PE shorts are long and baggy and suit the fashion for boys and the girls will usually wear the shorts with the legs rolled up. Order plenty of smaller sizes for the girls and larger sizes for the boys. The shorts have a zipped pocket for valuables and some shirt styles also have pockets.

You will be surprised how a PE uniform will transform the overall look of your school and sports days will help to advertise the school when all the students are dressed the same. Most students will need several sets of PE clothes as they are often worn for everyday classes as well as for physical education classes. Coastal Enterprises is a leader in PE uniform manufacture and the printing of school logos and we can supply your school with a variety of styles and sizes to meet your needs. Call our customer service experts for advice.