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Coastal Enterprises sells high quality premium PE uniforms with cotton Tee’s with a black collar in a variety of styles with short sleeves, long sleeves, V-necks, crew necks, scoop necks in many colors. The shorts are performance mesh; moisture management PE shorts and the leg length can e varied to suit age group or desired school choice. Ordering PE uniforms from Coastal Enterprises is as simple as picking up the phone and our friendly staff will guide you through the process of determining the amounts for orders and which styles to include. Our staff can recommend which month to begin ordering and when to expect to do a re-order. Sweat shirts and sweat pants are also available in matching prints.

Coastal Enterprises does not charge for artwork, screening, setup or shipping and schools need no budget to begin ordering. This is a great opportunity to sell PE uniforms at your school and raise some extra funds. You start selling your PE uniforms to students before you need to pay for your account at Coastal Enterprises. Reorders are simple once we have your logo on file and we can handle small and large re-orders at any time of year. PE uniforms are a specialty at Coast Enterprises because we designed them ourselves and kids all over America love to wear them.