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Coastal Enterprises keeps all the blueprints for logos and sports team emblem designs on file and they can be easily accessed for re-orders throughout the school year. Small orders are not uncommon for both small and large schools when an item suddenly becomes popular or comes into style. Because Coastal Enterprises does not charge for shipping, it is economical for schools to place small orders as it reduces the risk or over ordering. Small orders can comprise of one item type, or a mixture of items, special sizes or custom jobs and you can mix and match sizes and styles.

To place a small re-order you just need to pick up the telephone and speak with one of our friendly customer service staff at Coastal Enterprises. The order will be dispatched as soon as printing is completed. You do not have to worry about ordering too much at a time and getting stuck with too much stock, ordering small quantities at a time is the preferable way for many of our customers. We recognize that many schools are quite small and have a low budget, so small orders are really no problem and with our free shipping couldn’t be easier.