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Coastal Enterprises accommodates bulk orders or small orders. We give the same quality products and reliable customer service regardless of the quantity of your orders.

To place your order, you can simply call our toll free number or dial the office number. You can also email your orders through or website.

With any orders we receive, we give free artwork from our broad selection of graphics. We provide free screens, prints and set ups. And whether you are located within the vicinity or different state, we promise to deliver the products free of charge. Coastal Enterprises offers free shipping throughout the Continental US.

If you find out that you need more of our products, P.E. t-shirts for instance, you can always reorder as we have plenty of stocks from our warehouse. We also guarantee to give you the same price for the reorder items.

You can always depend on Coastal Enterprises for your P.E. uniform needs. We have been a provider of P.E. uniforms or sportswear for over 30 years. All the members of our staff are well-trained, knowledgeable and reliable. You can expect an answer to your questions immediately. They can assist you with your orders, and make sure that it gets to you in a timely manner.