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Early planning makes you know what every student needs and therefore there would be no errors and the ordering will be at a more appropriate time. In the 30 years that coastal enterprises has been on the market it always advices its clients that early ordering eases the pressure of producing goods in a haste thus producing good quality products. Last minute ordering makes you lose the chance of having the full attention of the designers as they are busy processing the other orders. Late ordering makes you get little profit as the school years would have started and perhaps the student will have decided to have the previous uniform. Coastal enterprises is an expert in addressing the issues of planning and placing of orders among the schools in United States due to its experience in the industry. The appropriate time for making your orders is between the months of May and September. This is the perfect period that you can design your school logos. If you place your order around April to June, it will be readily available for the pre-registration period of the following year. You want have to pay for the orders that time but you will pay after you have sold the first batch. This way you will have more profit and finance some projects that you had not budgeted for.