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It gives a school great satisfaction when students choose to display the school logo on accessories which are not mandatory such as bags, sports jerseys and stationary showing that they are proud to be a part of their school. Becoming very popular amongst students these accessories are great advertising for you school so next time you put in an order for uniforms consider adding some new items to your order.

Coastal Enterprises carries a range of sportswear including t-shirts, shorts, track pants and jackets in your school colors and featuring your school logo. The new mesh bag is a popular accessory and makes a great spots bag. After it was introduced in 2010 the mesh bag has continued to increase in popularity and more and more schools are ordering them.

The mini mesh sports bag can allow the student to easily carry dirty sports clothes home from school for washing. It has a simple draw string and we even made sure that there was a large name pad so that students do not confuse their bags in the gym or P.E stadium. Each week the student can return to school after the weekend with their sports clothes clean in the mini mesh bag. Kids love them as well.