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Many schools choose to have a school emblem, logo, or school name screen printed on the PE uniform. There are a few good reasons for printing on the clothing. First, it helps promote school spirit and pride. Second, if the outfit also has a name bar printed on it, the student can write his name on the bar and identical clothing pieces will not get mixed up or lost. Plus, the teacher can easily identify the student from a distance, as most PE activities are performed several feet away from the teacher and when students are all dressed alike in PE uniforms, having a clear name bar printed on the clothing is extremely helpful.

Coastal Enterprises’ total operation of manufacturing the PE uniform in tandem with also screen printing it renders a superior product with a name bar that absolutely will not rub off with washing, causing the student’s name to wash away with the bar. There is a marked difference in the name bar on shorts made by Coastal Enterprises and those of other suppliers. Other name bars are faded at the outset and almost disappear after the first wash. This poor quality is the result of screening the shorts after hemming them. In order to hem first, then screen, the supplier must both be the manufacturer and screener, which Coastal Enterprises is.

As far as a school designing its own art work, most schools prefer to let Coastal Enterprises suggest a design. From that point the school usually adds to or takes away from the design. They may enlarge it or reduce it and/or the writing. Or the school may move the design around. Regardless of the revisions, Coastal Enterprises is happy to work with the school to make the design the school’s own.