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At Coastal Enterprises we supply complete ranges of sportswear and spirit wear to some schools each and every year. Then a trend changes or a team logo and a new product needs to be added to your existing range. This is no problem we simply print up some stock of the new product, so this is ready when you do your next order. If the new product is an item we do not usually carry, we will need a few weeks to source the product, order it in and then do a print run for your logo. The very next order of sportswear will include the new product. There is not extra price to add a new product to your range and of course shipping always free with Coastal Enterprises.

If you acquire a new sports team with different team colors to your school colors, we can easily print up some players uniforms and also some spirit wear for the team. In a few weeks your new team will stand out on sports day. Even a mascot for a new team is not a problem because Coastal Enterprises also specializes in team mascots, designing them and silk screening or embroidering the emblem on spirit wear and supporters Tees.