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Are you trying to promote a school sports team and you need some additional items with the team name and logo to sell to supporters? Well look no further because at Coastal Enterprises we can place your name or mascot on many different items. We can print custom logos on Tees, sweats, shorts, hats, scarves, blankets and more. If you have an idea about a new promotional item just let us know and we can order it in.

Bags are another great item to sell to both students and supporters and they can be used as everyday school bags or for general use. Team members can use them from taking to games. Mesh string bags are another popular item with students and can be used to transport dirty sportswear home for washing. They are great for both team wear and for PE uniforms. All our promotional lines come with large name bars so they can be easily marked by each student.

Selling some extra promotional lines is great for raising some extra funds for the school and you will make extra sales before Christmas every year so don’t forget to order before the end of the school year. These items make great gifts and they will be beneficial to the school’s sports team as well.