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Coastal Enterprises provide uniforms for a wide range of different sports including Hockey, basketball, football, soccer, baseball and cheerleading to name a few. Whatever sport your school offers can be accommodated at Coastal Enterprises.
School kids wearing the school insignia on their uniforms for sporting events is a great advertisement for your school, helping to create strong school spirit and student morale. The excellent quality of the merchandise from Coastal Enterprises means that the uniforms will last out the season and still be in good condition to pass down to siblings after they are out grown.

When there is a large important sporting event at your school, it is not only the sports team that likes to wear the school merchandise, so at Coastal Enterprises we have a great range of accessories which can be worn by parents and other supporters attending the event. Items such as hats and bags can be worn by spectators at the game, so that they too can support the team of their choice and participate in creating a strong school spirit. Coastal Enterprises are already a market leader in sport and spirit wear, so if your school is not already using our service, you should check out our web site and join the many schools already enjoying the great style and quality of Coastal products