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Almost all schools lay a lot of importance to the physical education of their students to maintain their mental and physical health. However, many schools fail to understand the importance of comfort while the students are participating in physical education classes. When the students are dressed in comfortable P E clothes, they are encouraged for higher participation. Hence, a large number of schools order all their P E uniforms and accessories requirements from Coastal Enterprises for numerous reasons.

When the schools order is larger quantities, they are able to significantly lower the costs, which results in saving money for the parents. Moreover, the unique program offered by the company ensures schools do not need a pre planned budget to order these products. This is because schools need to make the payment after they have sold the entire first lot, which provides numerous advantages to schools. In addition, all the profits earned through these sales are retained by the school, which can be utilized to improve the school facilities offered to the students.

The company does not charge the school any extra charges for the artwork and mascot designs, which include floral art, hawks, democrats, and many more options. Moreover, any reorders placed by the schools are delivered at the same price as the first order. Finally, Coastal Enterprises does not recover the shipping charges incurred on delivering the P E clothes and accessories.