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Can you always recognize which team students are playing for? When teams are dressed in uniforms from Coastal Enterprises, featuring the school colors and showing your logo, everyone will always be able to easily determine which school they represent. This is important both for the players and the spectators and it makes a strong statement about your school. When players are dressed in mismatched uniforms this creates confusion on the field and is not a good representation of your institution. Many lower income areas believe that team uniforms are not within their budget but this is not true.

A large percentage of the uniforms produced at Coastal Enterprises come from low income schools, where they recognize that team spirit is important. Our competitive prices are not out of the reach of these families and it is hard to beat our prices even at Kmart and Wal-Mart. In fact all players can go out onto the field looking great and feeling proud to be a member of that team or school.

More and more schools now see the benefit of having a standard uniform for P.E and sports, reducing the competitive pressure from designer brands which are out of the reach of the budget of many parents. Coastal Enterprises produce quality uniforms which are long wearing and do not fade and this is in keeping with their long standing reputation in the industry.