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Spirit Wear is sold at elementary school all the way through to college. It isclothing with emblems and mascots on it designed to raise spirit throughout the school. Usually a P.T.A or booster club will contact Coastal and order t-shirts, sweatshirts and even bags to raise spirit and subsequently funds for the school. When you go to high school and you wear the school name and mascot on it that is wearing spirit wear or clothing. Coastal do a good amount of business in that area as well and it can be a great money raiser for the school.

Coastal have developed a very accurate sporting order program. The most common fear for many schools is that they don’t know if they can sell uniforms as they have never ordered something like this before. That’s where Coastal comes in with helping you choose the right range of sizes and selections according to your enrollments. Coastal have a sizing formula and will come up with the correct amount you should have for your enrolment.

With a huge range of mascots already on file you can choose from one that Coastal has ready for you. Alternatively you can submit your own design to our art team and we can make your schools spirit wear just for your school.