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How much did you say those new basketballs were going to cost? Can we afford it? These questions face many schools, as they struggle to make ends meet in today’s economic climate. Never fear, Coastal Enterprises are here to help.

Your school can earn money for extras such as new basketballs, volleyballs or whatever, by selling P.E. clothing directly from the school. Normally, the uniforms would be sold by the local store, and any profit would be placed firmly into their purse. Now, Coastal Enterprises are willing to assist you, the school, to put the profits into your own pocket.

We will supply you with the same excellent P.E. uniforms, in your school colors and with your logo already emblazoned on them. No, we don’t need you to make any huge upfront payments or shipping costs when you order. We will supply you with the uniforms and spirit wear before school opens, and you will only have to pay for the goods on 1 October.

This fantastic offer makes life easier for everyone involved. Parents and students will no longer have to traipse into the nearest store to purchase the P.E. clothing for their kids. The school, with careful ordering, will have sold the majority of the clothing before 1 October and will have the finances available for payment. In addition to this, Coastal Enterprises staff will assist with quantities and sizes. They even offer free ‘hot’ graphics, screens and set-up for school emblems and mascot