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Whatever needs your school may have to raise some extra funds, whether it is for a sports team, to cover away game expenses or to put towards the cost of excursions for the students, school camps or for art materials. The selling of sportswear and PE uniforms can assist your school to meet your financial goals. The secret is finding items that are popular with the students and are fashionable amongst students. PE uniforms have become a fashion statement in many schools and after a year of sales, almost every student in the school is wearing a PE uniform.

Spirit wear and fan wear is another line that can be extremely popular with the students and could be a great fundraiser for the school. A new improved mascot is often a good way to encourage a rekindled interest in wearing spirit wear. Take into consideration that the students will only wear the mascot if it is on a piece of clothing they desire to wear. PE shirts are popular all across the nation and they will sell well, with a printed team mascot on the front or back.

If you need to start selling clothes as a fundraiser call our customer service representatives today and we will get you started.