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United, we stand! Divided, we fall! This old maxim still applies today. Uniformity in outlook reinforces the team spirit. Integrating the image of both sports and spirit wear from Coastal Enterprises builds unity between the teams and their supporters. It turns teams into winners!

Today, young sports teams feel more secure and confident when they are wearing top designer clothing in the latest colors and styles. Bright new ideas for mascots, colors and style of school wear make P.E. garments an outstanding choice for a serious ‘league’ look. The Spirit wear design department is available to assist you free of charge in choosing a bright ‘hot’ mascot from their extensive library, which includes such mascots as Huskies, Hawks, Longhorns, Matadors and Rockets, to name but a few. As an alternative, they will take your design idea and develop it to suit your needs.

P.E. school clothing not only offers top quality clothing manufactured to the highest standard available. The fabric used for T-shirts and Polos is 50/50 or 100% cotton to allow the garment to breathe and move according to the necessity of the game, with the added element of the latest styles.

Our graphics service of fantastic ‘hot’ new designs for mascots, ranging from stars through hurricanes and lightening to flowers, is now available free of charge. All printing costs are included in the price quoted. In addition, we offer fast and unlimited re-orders from our stocked warehouse, at the same price, with free shipping across the continental United States.