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Does your sports team have a sports uniform, a mascot and custom designed spirit wear for the cheer squad? A winning team needs to have a distinctive mascot and a uniform in the team colors to stand out on grand final day, in order to do justice to your school. Teams that have great artwork will attract many supporters and the school can sell team uniforms and spirit wear to raise money for the team. Spirit wear is not only worn by the cheer squad members, it is gaining popularity amongst supporters, parents and teachers as well. In the weeks leading up to a grand final there is usually an increase in the demand for these items.

The more supporters a team has, the greater the pressure to win the competition and this is often evident even in small towns where there are only a handful of teams. When teams play away from home, the uniform is of utmost importance, as it is the only way that outsiders recognize the team members and supporters. For this reason it is important to promote your school or team colors and encourage supporters to purchase clothes featuring the team mascot. The winning team is usually featured in local newspapers and magazines with large glossy photographs so this is a great advertisement for your school. Team members wearing the mascot and team colors make the team look professional and will serve to proudly represent your school.