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Schools new to requiring the PE uniform often lack confidence in how many uniforms to purchase initially. They are not comfortable with ordering large quantities of PE clothing and tend to under-order. These schools are not sure how many sets of shorts and shirts to order because they are not always sure how many students will enroll in PE each semester or if students will purchase PE clothing elsewhere.

However, schools soon find out that PE shorts and shirts supplied by Coastal Enterprises are quite popular with students and everyone wants an outfit. As with any separates, guessing how many shorts in which size and how many shirts in a certain size can be just that — a guess, albeit an educated guess with the help of Coastal Enterprises’ competent customer service personnel.

What customers of Coastal Enterprises have discovered is that students really like the clothing. They like it so much that the school runs out of a certain size and must reorder. For instance, a school will order too many size small and are completely out of size medium, or vice versa.

Coastal Enterprises understands this lack of experience on the part of schools with new requirements for PE clothing. Because Coastal Enterprises is a school friendly athletic clothing supplier, it knows schools often need additional PE clothing items in smaller quantities. Coastal Enterprises, therefore, allows its customers to reorder any quantity it needs as many times as it wants as often as it needs for the same price, no setup fee or shipping charges assessed.

When a school orders from Coastal Enterprises, its purchase is more than a one-time order. It is an entire PE clothing program, which is why schools can reorder in any quantity necessary without penalty. Assisting schools with reorders is a large part of Coastal Enterprises’ customer service to schools. It knows first-time customers need help stocking their schools’ PE clothing inventories, and reordering in smaller numbers is a big benefit to the school.