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Spirit and fan wear has become very popular amongst students in recent years and is not just worn by cheer leaders as it was in the past. These days many of the supporters of school sports teams also like to wear spirit wear to games and tournaments. Even parents and teachers are keen to show their support for their favorite team by wearing bright colored fan wear to sports events. Your school can sell spirit wear and fan wear to raise money for your school and there is no need for any up front outlay. Coastal Enterprises helps schools this way by providing the merchandise for schools to sell and even shipping is free.

If you do not have a designed spirit wear for your school team we can help you to design a mascot in the colors you choose using screen printing or embroidery. Spirit wear is a great way to increase the popularity of your team and many spectators will be keen to wear spirit wear to interschool games. Coastal Enterprises has a great range of pre designed styles for you to choose from or you can come up with a completely new design of your choice. Our artists can put together a design that the students will be keen to purchase and wear to sporting events.

Spirit wear can include shorts, Tees, sweats, long sleeved Tees and jackets. There are also scarves and hats that can display your school or team spirit wear logo which is also popular with students of all ages. Remember to include some adult sizes in your order so that teachers and parents are also catered for.