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Spirit wear is most popular these days with team supporters, as well as for the cheer leaders it is traditionally designed for. During the sports season students want to show that they are supporters of their school team and will purchase spirit wear products. Selling spirit wear is a great way to raise funds for the team and to get the whole school into the team spirit.

Spirit and fan wear usually uses a bright colored logo that represents the team, on a bright colored background, so that it stands out beside the regular school uniforms. Team supporters will purchase Tees, bags and sweats and track pants in spirit wear. You can sell all these products from the school to raise money.

To order spirit wear contact our customer service by email or by telephone, using the online catalogue for reference and place your order. Almost any brand of product we carry, can be used for spirit wear, but certain brands that come in bright colors are most popular. Don’t forget the knit wear range that are also very popular for spirit and fan wear and include several hat and beanie designs, scarves, mittens and ear bands. You can order small quantities of any product line that we carry.