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As far back as archeologists can go it has been obvious that each team or tribe had a mascot. In addition, the supporters of those teams also wore special clothes, badges, emblems or hats to differentiate between themselves and the opposition. Even the Confederate Army wore a grey uniform, as opposed to the blue of the Union Army during the American Civil War. Things are no different today, than they were then.

The spirit of a team is greatly strengthened when they and their supporters can unite behind a strong mascot, and this very much applies to school teams today. P.E. Clothing understands this thinking, and has developed a wide variety of Spirit wear for teams and supporters. Available from their shelves are such things as stadium seats, hats, bags, blankets and clothing. All of which can be adapted to the mascot selected by the school.

They have a large library of over 100 mascots ranging from Owls, Hornets, Jaguars, Chiefs and Chargers to Flowers, Bees, Colts and Elks. Should you be unable to find a suitable emblem for your school, please feel free to call the Spirit wear design team to discuss your idea. All artwork is free from their range of ‘hot’ graphics, with free screens and set-ups.

Now is the time to start thinking about your mascot, emblem and colors so that they can be designed and ready for the beginning of the next school year.