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Coastal Enterprises provides schools a wide range of team P E uniforms to choose from. The sporting activities covered include almost every game played by the students across America. These include baseball, football, soccer, basketball, and hockey. In addition, the company provides many more sports and caters to the demands from the various cheerleading groups.

When the schools ensure their students are dressed in standardized P E clothes, it assists in boosting the morale of the team members while enhancing their performance. Moreover, when the players are dressed in comfortable clothes made with high quality materials, this ensures their improved performance. Moreover, these P E uniforms include the school mascot, such as Vikings, turtles, snakes, and mariner among others, which also boosts their morale. The high quality of the garments ensures their durability, which makes these cost efficient products. This is especially true with parents during the present economic conditions where all individuals are trying to save every possible dollar. This is very well understood by the management of Coastal Enterprises and therefore the company provides high quality garments that last from one child to his/her sibling.

Often parents and supporters also want to indulge in clothes that clearly earmark their support. Coastal Enterprises caters to this demand as well and provides the same high quality clothes and accessories for parents and supporters.