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The range of sportswear on offer at Coastal Enterprises comprises of a wide range of different products in various sizes styles and colors. Our famous PE uniforms that we designed ourselves are a popular item with many schools for everyday wear. We also have a range of Bully squad Tees, Team uniforms, spirit wear and fan wear and more. All these items can display your team colors, school logo in the choice of either embroidery or screen printing.

To order a new range of sportswear, our customer service staff can advise you of the right numbers to order and which items will be most popular. Our 30 years’ experience in this business, dealing with schools, all across the United States has given us the knowledge to provide you with up to date advice on all sportswear trends.

Apart from sportswear there are many other items for sale that can display your logo, like blankets, flannel PJ pants and boxers, bags, back packs and hats. Students with coordinated items featuring your school logo look smart and represent your school with pride. At team events you school supporters can wear you school logo including the team coach, parents and teachers as we provide polo’s, sweat shirts and sweat pants in large sizes for this purpose