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Coastal Enterprises is one of the leading suppliers of school sportswear in the US, servicing schools in every state. They work together with the schools so that selling sportswear is an ongoing fundraising campaign for the schools and does not require financial outlay to set up. New schools can order PE uniforms and other sportswear in their custom school colors, without spending any money. Schools can start selling the merchandise and pay after they have sold it, this allows schools to easily and efficiently set up a uniform shop at the school.

PE uniforms are one of the top sellers and can feature your school logo, in your school colors and they are very popular with the students for every day wear and for PE. Coastal enterprises also sells team wear, long sleeved Tees, sweat pants, jackets, bags and much more. The range of products is of top quality, designed to last out the school year and they are all wash and wear quality. Whatever sports clothes are popular with the students can be catered for. You can make small orders throughout the year to cope with busy times, such as team finals when many supporters and parents will also want to wear clothes in the school team colors.