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The uniform which a student wears is an expression of their school status and very important to kids, especially those which are moving into middle school from elementary school or those moving into high school from middle school. These kids are very impressionable and they wish to have as many items as possible bearing the school colors and logo so that they stand out amongst their peers. For this reason schools should stock up on school merchandise, prior to orientation because this is a time when you can sell large quantities and make good profit for the coming school year.

Explain to you parents in newsletters and on your web site that every item they purchase will help to improve their school and thereby help their children. This is a way the parents can support their schools and be part of the fundraising without putting in too much effort. They are much more likely to spend money on these items if they are aware that the profits go back to the school so you should make them aware of this at orientation. Coastal Enterprises will be happy to discuss this with you and help you decide which merchandise to purchase for the coming school year.