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Kids starting elementary school and going in to middle school are a great group to sell the school mascot and logo emblazoned clothing to. That child needs everything they can get their hands on to fit in with the rest of the school population. Coastal often tells schools to think about this; if you have parents at orientation day you have a captive audience.Coastal often finds that on orientation day you will have parents with their check books out; wantingto be sure their child has everything they need to fit in and be able to participate in all the events and curriculum with the rest of the school.

This is a great time to cash in on selling uniforms and the profit goes straight back to your school- which means that the parents are buying for their schools improvement. When it comes to school clothing and uniforms Coastal often encourages schools to think this through; if you have the school name and school colors on the clothing then these kids want everything to do with middle school on them, it’s like they need to wipe off the elementary school as soon as they hit the corridor. They want to be recognized as being in middle school. The same goes for kids in middle school going into high school. Suddenly they want only to be seen as a high school kid and the best way to be identified like that is to be wearing the schools colors and mascots and emblems.

Coastal offers great looking clothing for your school as well as unbeatable quality at great prices.