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A representative from Coastal Enterprises will be happy to discuss with you the pre-registration ordering of uniforms and sports apparel, so that the school can maximize potential profits for the school. The school wants to ensure that that all students have the necessary clothing to start school on the first day of the year in full uniform without over ordering.

Pre-registration students are a very impressionable and are usually keen to have all the extras that are available when they are preparing for their first day at a new school or in a new grade. For instance when purchasing their P.E uniforms, if there are track pants and jackets available, they will more likely to buy them if they do not have to be pre-ordered. Have the stock on hand and you will make a lot more sales.
Having a good supply of accessories carrying the school logo will entice many students to desire these items wanting to fit in with their peers. Parents wanting their child to feel confident and popular will be prepared to purchase extra items at this time and will be delighted with the superior quality and low prices of the merchandise from Coastal Enterprises.