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Are your students ambassadors for your school? Do they wear their uniforms with pride, holding their heads up in public, proud to be wearing the uniform of their school? As fashion conscious as young people are today, it is of vital importance that the students feel both and trendy comfortable. Looks come first with the students and if it doesn’t look good they will not want to wear it.

At Coastal Enterprises we recognize this fact of school life which dictates school uniform fashion. P.E uniforms are very popular with students so they need to be practical as well as stylish. The great looking P.E wear that we sell today is a range which we designed with style, quality and price in mind. Many years of research and experience selling various designs of P.E shorts gave us the inspiration to develop our own brand. We took the best ideas from a few styles and came up with the Coastal Enterprises custom style which is a versatile unisex design. It has proved to be both popular with the kids and long wearing so that parents feel that they have got the most out of their dollar. The popularity finds many schools with all the students wearing our brand of shorts, creating a powerful image for the school as students wear their uniforms with pride. Also our great prices mean higher profits for the school.