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Coastal enterprise is a well-established company in the cloth production industry. It has continued in its ever increasing reputation for over three decades. Over all these years, it has been hard to rival Coastal Enterprises due to its high quality products and services. Established in 1979, Coastal Enterprises has been providing physical education uniforms and sportswear to elementary, high schools, and even colleges. All customers, both new and returning customers, are always accorded courteous and efficient treatment. For over three decades Coastal Enterprises has been serving its customers with friendly and talented staff who are well trained to serve you. The experience gained through all these years in operation has made us competent in serving our clients efficiently at all times including sports tournaments seasons when there is a higher demand of school uniforms than usual. During peak seasons, Coastal Enterprises increases the number of telephone lines and attendants to help ease the pressure of increased orders. We understand that every client has a different preference when it comes to school uniforms. This is why our customer care staff is ready to help you customize your order to meet your needs. Through experience, our designers have come to understand the importance of a diverse range of product qualities such as differences in color shades and quality of printing.