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When the founder was working as a sales representative in Ohio, she realized the inefficiencies of the companies when dealing in providing P E clothes and accessories. Therefore, she founded Coastal Enterprises to overcome all these limitations and provide superior services to the American schools. Since 1979, the company has focused on providing high quality P E uniforms to schools at affordable prices well in time to meet their sale schedules.

The company uses high quality and durable materials, which ensure the students, are comfortable when they wear Coastal P E uniforms. Moreover, the customization of mascots and colors provide the schools adequate opportunity to distinguish their schools at important sporting events. Schools can choose from the available mascots, such as sharks, rhinos, wildcats, surfers, and others or choose to have their customized designs.

Coastal Enterprises also provides various clothes and accessories for parents, teachers, cheerleaders, and other team supporters. These include bands, bags, caps, and other similar products. The added support on the field not only is an excellent method to advertise the school, it also plays an important role in encouraging the team players and building their morale. Therefore, all these advantages make P E clothes from Coastal Enterprises widely popular since the last thirty years.