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Is your school planning to directly sell P E uniforms and other accessories to the students for the first time? Are you unsure about when to place the order and how many numbers to purchase? Our customer service executives are available to assist you to plan the ordering schedule and answer all your other queries.

According to the company’s experience, the busiest months of year are between May and September because Coastal Enterprises receives a large number of orders from the different schools for P E clothes and other accessories. Moreover, if your school is planning to modify the logo or the design, this is the most convenient period. This is because with the arrival of new students it is simpler for the schools to bring in newer designs. You can choose a new mascot from our wide range, which include lancers, pirates, bulls, and many more.

The company guarantees the delivery of all orders received between April and June to enable school to be equipped with the required quantities before the pre-registration period. This enables your school to earn higher profits, thus enabling you to provide better facilities at the school. Moreover, your school does not need to pay the money before the first week of October that provides adequate time for the school to sell these items and make the payment.