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If your school does not already sell uniforms and sportswear and you are looking for a fundraising idea, you may have just found it! Selling PE uniforms can be a very profitable exercise for schools and their sports teams. Coastal Enterprises makes it so easy for schools to start selling uniforms because they do not even charge for art work or an upfront fee. Shipping is also free, so all you pay for is the products and you can offer them at a great price to students and parents at the same time. Over a year it is easy to make several thousand dollars profit for a fundraiser.

If you offer different options to students they are more likely to buy, as we know teenagers are often fussy dressers. Coastal Enterprises caters for all styles and tastes and our PE uniform is even adaptable to boys and girls fashion sense. The more variety you have the more sales you will make. Our PE range offers all the basic collar styles including button and short zip up. There are round neck and v neck as well. The shorts have two leg lengths and come in every size up to XL adult.