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Schools can contact Coastal Enterprises using emails, telephones, or faxes. The company is able to service clients in any manner that is convenient to the clients. Moreover, the executives are available to assist the schools at any time during the year.

The official website is very user friendly, which makes it easy and convenient to navigate through the site to procure the required information. The home page provides the entire of pre designed garments that can be used to get ideas to design the P E uniforms for your school. The company has an in-house department of qualified and experienced artists who can assist you to design the artwork to be printed on the P E clothes. The mascots include elks, matadors, sharks, and many more and if you cannot find your school mascot in the available range, the artists can help you design the mascot.

Moreover, the site provides online assistance if you need immediate help. You can fill the online application form available on the web site to get an idea of the approximate rates. Experienced staff members are always available to assist you. It is recommended that you do not hesitate to email, fax, or call us at any time to get suitable replies to your queries.