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Which side are you on? Are you a Rhino, one of the most endangered species in the world? Maybe, your team spirit is more a Greyhound, the fastest dog on four legs. It could even be a starscape, as your sports teams stretch their limits and reach for the stars. These are only a few of a host of over 100 different mascots themes available from Coastal Enterprises. Is it obvious ‘who is who in the zoo’ when your teams and their supporters face a contestant?

Aesop’s statement of “United we stand. Divided we fall” is so true when it comes to contests. Mascots are the unifying influence upon the sports teams and supporters. When they are dressed in mascot imprinted clothing, and carry articles bearing the imprint of their mascot, students present a united front.

Do you have an idea for a mascot that is totally out of the ordinary? You know what you want, but can’t draw. We’re not all like Leonardo da Vinci. Simply call Coastal Enterprises and ask for help from their Spirit Wear graphic design department. They have a whole department of graphic artists, whom they will place at your disposal to help create just the mascot you want – FREE of charge.

Uniformity in outlook develops out of oneness of spirit. Coastal P.E. Clothing understands this only too well. They would really like to assist you in establishing a mascot and turn it into a mustering point for your teams.