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If you want to know what separates Coastal from the competition then it would have to be the true customer care and desire to see that schools are getting a great quality garment for a very competitive price, and are able to turn their profits into something productive and positive for their school.

Many times new schools that have decided to start started selling school P.E clothing for the first time are scared that they may not be able to sell them all. They don’t want to be left holding hundreds of dollars in stock on items that just aren’t being sold. Coastal find that these schools often have a million questions, because let’s face it – P.E uniforms are not a required item. They are a choice for parents to purchase for their children.

Coastal knows this and as such offer a great quality garment that is extremely competitively priced. Because purchasing these garments is a choice then you can be sure that it better be good looking! Coastal’s clothing for schools are high quality garments that are great looking and fashionable without being gang looking. They are roomy and comfortable and are the most popular style of clothing chosen by the students.