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If your school is wondering what to order for your pre-registration day so that you can sell the most amount of stock and be sure that your students are all wearing the school clothing, then you should speak with a Coastal representative.

Coastal find that many schools will order sweats and other items when they order their P.E clothes. This is a great move for when students and parents attend the pre-registration days held each year. Schools have to realize that they have a captive audience there. These kids want to shed everything that has them associated to being in the younger levels and want to be seen as an order student in the next level of their education.

Parents coming to the pre-registration days find that these kids want everything with the school name on it and anything that has them labeled as being in that older year group. These students want to fit in with the school population and so the parents want to help their kids fit in and will buy all the uniform items for them. This is a great way to raise funds for your school with the profits from the sales. When the parents see that they can get these items for a great price and the quality far exceeds what they would get in other retail stores then they are convinced they have made the right choice.