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School management shy away from selling P E uniforms within the school because they are afraid of the competition from the local sports stores. Moreover, the management is wary of blocking their money in outdated and unsold stocks. However, when schools decide to begin selling Coastal Enterprises sportswear products, they will be able to benefit from numerous advantages.

If your school is ordering P E clothes for the first time it may be possible that you are unsure about how and when to place the order. In such a situation, schools are encouraged to contact our customer service personnel who can guide and assist you in placing your orders. In addition, they can provide you details on the various sizes based on the Company’s sizing charts. The in house designers can provide you designs, which include various mascots like pioneers, sharks, yellow jackets, and many more.

If your school wants to service the demand of the pre-registration period, they will need to place their orders during the months of April, May, and June. In addition, this is the most suitable time for schools to modify their school logos and colors if desired. Once the orders are received these are dispatched at the earliest and schools are ready well before the beginning of the pre registration process.