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Coastal Enterprises has a proven track record of supplying all schools in the Continental USA with high quality physical education clothing and sportswear at a low cost, and provide excellent customer service. When you order P.E. Uniforms from us, we can deliver your order free of charge. We provide free artwork from our library of graphics, free screens and set ups. If you have a different design, we can connect you to our artist to help you with the process.

Our P.E. T-shirts, shorts, sweatpants, sweatshirts and polos, made from the finest quality of materials to ensure that your students looks fashionable and feels comfortable.

You may visit our website to see our product listing. If you have any questions or when you are ready to place your orders, you can simply call us via our toll free numbers or directly office numbers. You may also enter your order in our website, by filling in a simple form.

When place your order with us around April, May and June, your order will be available for the pre-registration day of the following year. We do not require upfront payments hence the schools doesn’t need a predetermined budget. You can pay us when you have already sold the first batch of uniforms. Due date for the pre-registration order is October 1st which gives enough time to make your sales before the start of the school year.