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Animated characters have always been quite captivating in the hearts and minds of many people. These icons have in recent times been adopted as official mascots of many institutions and are great advertising opportunities for a school’s prowess in sports or academics. Mascots can now be easily designed using the latest computer software to create lifelike images. A school mascot is usually intended to enhance team spirit and keep the crowds cheering the school’s team actively entertained. Mascots are usually designed to match the school’s color scheme. This is because the mascot must identify with the team it represents. The antics of an animated icon is great morale booster to both the crowd and the team that identifies or is associated with the mascot. Custom mascots are also adorable characters that create a sense of festivity during school sports days. Creating a unique custom mascot for your school in a way that makes it identical with your school team’s colors can quite efficiently be done at Coastal Enterprises. A mascot design is one the important details you can include in your order for P.E uniforms at Coastal Enterprises. In this way you not only get the mascot design at an affordable price but you also get it shipped directly to your school free of charge anywhere within continental US.