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Schools across the United States of America have chosen P E clothes from Coastal Enterprises over the last thirty years. The company provides a wide range of unisex P E uniforms to suit the requirements of boys as well as girls. The uniforms can be adjusted in length to suit the personal need of the student without eliminating the differentiating factors from other schools.

The company provides schools the choice to order in small or bigger quantities and help parents save a significant amount on these clothes. Moreover, the schools need not have a pre defined budget for P E clothes as Coastal Enterprises allows schools to order first and pay after they are able to sell their stocks. Additionally, the schools are allowed to retain all the profits earned on the sales of these uniforms and accessories, which can be used for improving the facilities provided to the students.

The company provides a wide range of artworks, such as rockets, Scotsman, snakes, surfers, and suns among many more to choose for your school mascots. The designs can be printed or embroidered on the uniforms made in your school colors. All the orders are shipped free of cost and any reordering done by the school is available at the same prices.