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Selling PE uniforms from your school is the best way to ensure students all look neat and tidy wearing, their school colors and a PE uniform that has the school logo on it. Coastal Enterprises will sell you school uniforms with no upfront cost, so schools can sell uniforms before they need to pay us for the stock. Many schools are making between $ 2000-7000 per year selling school uniforms which can be used to buy equipment or to make improvements to the school.

The high quality of the merchandise from Coastal Enterprises lasts and the colors do not fade easily, they are also wash and wear quality, can be washed every day and need no ironing. Parents will love the quality and convenience of all the Coastal Enterprises products, sportswear, spirit and fan ware, PJ’s and boxers as well as many accessory times. Students love to have school logo items, whether they are sports clothes, bags, folders hats or any other item you can think of. Once they become popular they will sell out quickly. Schools can order uniforms in the summer and pay for them in October. Reorders small or large can be done in between if you need them.