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Why Sell PE Uniforms

High Principal & Parent Approval Rate

We have developed a tried and true PE UNIFORM SALES PROGRAM WITH VIRTUALLY NO RISK

Benefits of school supplied PE uniforms vs.“Free Dress” for Phys Ed classes

  1. Bring discipline & better participation to your PE program.
  2. Ensure SAFETY by controlling what the students wear!
  3. Low cost to your parents. High quality standardized PE uniform with mascot in school colors.
  4. Completely self-funded program. Great for the school, students and parents.
  5. You can expect to raise $2000 to $7000 selling PE uniforms!! Ask us about our Contribution Program.

Why not offer your parents the convenience & great pricing that volume purchasing allows & keep the profits in the school where they belong!


  • We figure the sizes for you using our proven sizing formula
  • No payment up front – Completely self funded program
  • Summer Delivery with NO PAYMENT until October
  • Manufacturer direct pricing, with no middleman

Exciting New Artwork The Students Will Love – no charge

If you are not yet familiar with our 30 year old company contact us today to REQUEST SAMPLES & QUOTES