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How is your school image? Is your school logo recognizable to everyone in the community? Is it easy to distinguish between your students and students from other schools? Schools stand out in public when they have a clear school logo and specific school colors. When these are displayed on the everyday uniform of the students, on their bags, hats and jackets, the student are advertising your school image. The school logo on PE uniforms in the school colors are an excellent way to make your school stand out.

PE uniforms are preferred by both boys and girls and very popular with high school students and grade school students alike, so there is never a problem with getting the students to conform. The school logo should be one that the kids like and which does justice to your reputation as a school. Coastal Enterprises can redesign your logo or create new logos for your sporting teams should you need this. The new range of bright permanent colored inks can really freshen up your school image. Check out the variety of logos on our website that are both stock designs and custom designs that we have done for customers. We can design you a logo that will make you proud of your school and which will look great on PE uniforms, team wear and accessories.