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Having a school logo and uniform means that your school is easily recognized across town y everyone as they are familiar with your logo. If all the uniforms, bags and hats have the school logo easily visible, they are easily recognized if they get lost. If you do not already have your school logo printed on accessories and uniforms Coastal Enterprises can get you started.

Students feel proud of their school and like to have the school logo visible on their belongings. It is also better for school morale if every student has matching products. The screen printers at Coastal Enterprises can print onto almost any surface, bags, hats, T shirts, polo shirts, sports uniform, day uniforms, folders, exercise books, school diaries and more. Once we have your school logo on file, it is easy to reorder products as there is demand for them. We realize that in some seasons you will have high demand for some items. You can order from Coastal Enterprises all through the year and if one item suddenly gets popular, we can print off extra pieces. Shipping is always free with Coastal Enterprises, so it does not cost you more to have several orders per season.